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Posted by: Mobile-Auto-Fishing Mar 27 2005, 10:24 PM

Well , I and the wife spent the whole 3 day weekend tring to catch anything! We tried the Eureka Dam, Friday only a nibble and my wife caught a carp, That was all the excitment we had ! Waukau spillway , nothing. Winniconie on the Wolf river north of bridge, east side of river, nothing, even after a nice dinner at the Fin an Feather , we watched as boat after boat was unsuccessful either! That was Saturday. Today Sunday , Easter sunday , beutiful day mid fiftys, sunny, we tried the Princeton Locks, several people where there , and stll nobody even catching a cold , nothing biting anywhere in central Wisconsin! I heard they where biting in Little Chute, Wisconsin, But Them there fish "Glow" if you know what I mean! We went back to Eureka, about 1:30 and stayed till 5:30 not even a snag. I hope everybody else is catching them, otherwise, There are no more fish and life is about to end as we know it!!! LOL Well good luck to all . and we'll see ya out there :(

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