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Posted by: Mobile-Auto-Fishing Apr 18 2005, 09:24 AM

I JUST CANT UNDERSTAND: My wife, brother-in law, and I tried from 8:00am till 3:00pm from north and south of the bridge, with "The Thousand Boats" and away from, and no bites on minnows, leaches, or crawlers! We tried "Jigging", trolling, and even tried anchored! Nada, nil, nonka, NOTHING!!! Where are the fish, anything, we cant even catch a cold with germs. I remember back when I was a kid, a person would catch something every time you went fishing, and a bad day was you didn't catch what you wanted or didn't catch your limit! The only thing we did different Sunday was we have a new boat and it was the first time out in it. I did see some people catch a few, so I know their out there, just they run when they see us I guess. after 3:00 we went to try the reef by Butte-de-Morts and the bridge. 9 lines out from 3 people all with different approaches, and the only thing to strike was a sturgeon that had a mouth on his dorsal fin or something was the only excitement all day, especial trying to untangle all nine lines that he rapped up. I'm going to send a nasty letter to those "Fishing Shows" that promote how easy it is to catch Walleyes in the lakes of the Midwest! They must be in a tank filled with only Walleyes, or they have a diver in the water putting fish on there hook, or something I guess! Well enough rambling on! Good Luck to ya'll and keep 'm tight and wet! I'm out , Brian - Mobile-Auto-Fishing


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