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Mississippi River - Genoa
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Mark Clements
Posted: Apr 13 2004, 05:36 PM


Mississippi River - Genoa

WOW. That is about all we can say about fishing this weekend on the barge. The barge was packed with customers and the fish bit like mad. There were walleye, sauger, northern, perch, bluegills, white bass and of course the rough fish thrown in. The biggest walleye was 11 pounds by Ron Fosset and it just got better. There were 10 pounders caught, several 7 pound fish and a dozen or more 5 pound walleye caught. A truly unique day on Friday, a little slower on Saturday, but they picked up again on Sunday afternoon. The fishing should continue like this for awhile. All were caught on hair jigs today, purple being a great color and the blue combinations. You could finally get away with 1/2oz or 5/8. The water has dropped nicely. Perch were caught on worms near shore, but with the water dropping they should get back out a little deeper. The water is dropping every day now, might be why we are having better afternoon bites. Northern are scarce, but when they catch them they are nice big ones. A little cold on Saturday, but those who stuck it out all day did pretty well, it was a little better on Sunday. We think that the fishing should stay like this for awhile, but if you want to land some nice big walleye, now it the time to check it out.

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