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Mississippi River - Genoa
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Mark Clements
Posted: May 25 2004, 08:00 PM


Mississippi River - Genoa

Can you believe all the rain that has been coming down! We were pretty lucky once again as most of it went south of us and the river was pretty stable, it rose slowly but didn't get dirty, until Sunday. Now today it started to clear up and to drop already. During this time some sauger were caught, a few sturgeon and blue gills, but lots of sheephead. If the weather continues to stay to our south, the fishing will continue to get better during the week, we really expect the sturgeon to start hitting better the end of this week. Blue gills continue to be around in large numbers, once the water clears a little more they should start in again. Even though it has been slow, yesterday there was two large 8 pound walleye caught, a couple 15 pound carp and a 13 pound catfish caught! At least there was some excitement.

Don't forget we are having kids day on Sunday, June 6th. It is a free day of fishing for the kids and half price for their parents. We will have a fishing contest, free lunch, bait and tackle and loads of fun. We look forward to this every year and if the weather cooperates, we have a great time. It starts at 8 and ends at 2.

Reminder for Season Ticket holders, we are having our party at my house on Friday, June 4th. Don't forget to let us know if you are coming, so we can plan the food menu. Drinks will start at 6 and dinner shortly after. We look forward to having this party each year too, its been a lot of fun in the past if you haven't had a chance to make it.

Another reminder, we will be running 7 to 5 seven days a week in June, Saturday and Sunday's in July this year, with July we are only open on Weekends. We close in August and then open up for Labor Day weekend in the fall. Hope I covered everything. Any questions just give us a call.

Oh, by the way, the tree behind the barge fell the other day. Missed a boat dad warned off by 15 minutes! Sorry we kept keeping boats out of there, we knew it would fall any day now and didn't want to see anyone get hurt.
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