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Sailfish tripple off season
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Mike Fisher
Posted: Sep 2 2006, 06:01 PM


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What a lucky son of a b...Brave Fisherman!

We are in mid Hurricane Season for our local waters, off the Dominican Republic's east coast, out of Punta Cana, but this lovely sunny saturday morning we have winds of 5Knots and less, sea 2ft max, sun is the typical caribbean power plant.

We are mid Blue Marlin Season, but 42ft Post named Intrepido is running out fishing with my friend Gabi, her brother and his 3 kiddies, all firsttimers, so Skipper Ramon Emilio frequents the close to shore waters 2-4nmls off El Cortecito to target Dorados and Wahoo on light tackle, Kiddies stuff.

5 lines on 20 and 30lbs Penn Int.'s in the water for around 30 minutes the portside longrigger clicks, Ballyhoo in the mouth of a small 150lbs Blue Marlin, hooked himself, the unexpected fight is on by a 20lbs reel and line. Fighting down a Blue on that tackle would bring the Billy more dead than alive to the boat for the long fighting time, Ramon is chasing him mostly with the boat, so after 30 minutes Marcos gets a hand on the Bill to loose the hook, away he goes.

the next 1 1/2 hr brings the targetted Dorados fishing a weedline, all 10-15lbs class, the right stuff for our new offshore anglers. Still running on slow trolling along the weedline for more BBQ meet Ramon can see from the bridge what is coming up next, a once a lifetime hit, 4 Sailfishes on only 5-6 knots trolling speed in the spray at once, he hooks the one on the center line on the Bridge, Marcos failes one but hooks the other two and they fight 3 midsized Sails of around 40-50lbs the same time, a 14 year old boy, his father and the third one been for Mate Marcos, because the rest of the kiddies been aged 4-7, a bit too early.

I never in my life got 3 Billfishes hooked at once, so Ramon and Marcos had THEIR day today. After 40 minutes the last one been released and they went back inshore, BBQ waiting for the Dorados. For sure an unforgetable day for the firsttimers, even for an experienced crew.

We should target Dorados more often during Blue Marlin Season.

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