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Pine Island, Florida
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Captain Butch Rickey
Posted: Jun 4 2005, 05:34 PM


A wet butt, and a hungry gut! I read a book by that title a few years ago, and the main premise of that book was that if you live your life as a fishing guide/commercial fisherman, you'll live and die with a wet butt and a hungry gut. It was a great read, and also seems to be great prophecy.

It rained here all week. I don't know anyone who got out to do a trip during the week as we received copious amounts of rain every morning, along with thunderstorms that made it unsafe to be out there. As the week wound down, it got worse. It rained for 12 hours steady here at the BarHopp'R Fishcamp, yesterday, and there is water standing everywhere.

The havoc reeked upon our business after 9/11, then the pounding from the hurricanes last summer that put us all out of business for months, surely had many of us wondering what in God's name we're doing in this business. Now, a whole week rained out surely has me wondering, again.

I guess the answer is simple. Those of us who stay despite the obstacles, love the business, love the water, and most of all, love the people who are our business.

Next week is the beginning of the rainy season!! I hope there will be plenty to talk about besides more rain!!

With a wet butt, and a hungry gut!

Capt. Butch
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