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Sarasota Florida Report, Sarasota Florida Report
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Capt. Bob Smith
Posted: Dec 12 2005, 04:36 PM


December 11, 2005

Sarasota Florida Fishing Report
By Capt. Bob Smith

The redfish slammed us Friday morning. Around 8:00am Friday, I slid into the Sands Point lagoon at New Pass and picked one of the new docks to start at. The dock was about halfway in and by pure luck, it was the only hot spot in the lagoon all morning. The average size was about 25” with a few over the slot and only one under. It was fish after fish until about 10:30am. It was also the start of an outgoing tide when we started fishing.

We caught a few bluefish, black drum, and sheepshead in the mix using the large live shrimp that seem to be the only size the bait shops have at this time. I have never seen so many large shrimp being caught on the bay. I used a 3/0 hook with 40lb mono leader and one large split-shot. Cast as close to the pylon as you can letting it sink to the bottom with plenty of slack in your line. When you think it is on the bottom, take out most of the slack so that you can see if a fish moves your line. Then sometimes you will need to move it slowly across the bottom. Regardless of how they chew, the one thing you can never do is let them get back to the pylons ounce you have them hooked.

We finished off the day with bluefish in New Pass. The blues were thick on the south side at the end of the old docks, going out. I used the same rig as for the redfish but broke the shrimp into smaller pieces. We drifted with the out going tide and let the large split-shot take the bait to the bottom. Small jigs work as well but all must get to the bottom. The bluefish were running two to three pounds. They are the right size and just in time to pickle for New Years. The recipe for pickled bluefish is on my website.

On Saturday, the redfish did not return but the bluefish did.

Enjoy & Protect
My Website: http//www.sarasota-fla-fishing.com
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