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Cabo Bite Report, Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report
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Capt. George Landrum
Posted: Dec 26 2005, 02:27 PM


Captain George Landrum
[email protected]
Cabo Fish Report
Dec. 19-25, 2005

WEATHER: Well, it’s Christmas week and I sort of feel a little coolness in the air since our night time lows have been around the high 50’s, not cold enough for snow, but then again, that might really mess us up here! Our daytime highs have been in the high 70’s, warm enough to not need a sweater during the day, and very comfortable if like me, you like to sun like a cat.
WATER: The word for the week on the Pacific side was “Big Swells”. As a result of storms moving across the northern Pacific region we have had ground swells to 12 feet move in on the offshore Pacific side. These ground swells have been large enough to hide a 31’ boat on the other side of the swell, but spaced far enough apart that you rarely noticed quite how large they were. They had no effect on the offshore fishing. There was little wind on the Pacific side and as far as 40 miles out and 50 miles up the surface conditions were great. The surface temperatures were 71-72 degrees almost everywhere with no temperature breaks worth noting. On the Cortez side of the Cape we had choppy conditions up past Punta Gorda at the beginning of the week but conditions improved later. There was a band of 68-degree water running east to west off of Los Frailles while the water closer to us remained 71-73 degrees.
BAIT: There was a mix of Mackerel and Caballito available this week at the normal $2 per bait.

BILLFISH: It is amazing but the Striped Marlin bite up at the Finger Bank is continuing. A friend just spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday fishing the area and released 15, 12 and 32 Striped Marlin. He reported that the third day they found a concentration of fish just a bit further north and really had a blast. Boats working the Golden Gate Bank continued to get a fair number of fish while drifting live bait and some of these fish have moved south down the canyon edge and are biting lures on the north side of the San Jaime Bank. There is still a fair bite on the Striped Marlin at the lighthouse, but it has been a last hour effort for a lot of boats on the way home as there is not a very large concentration of billfish there. On average, the boats drifting bait at the banks are getting one to three fish a day, the troll average up at the south of the San Jaime have been between one and four hook-ups with one to two fish released and the Finger Bank continues to be the hot spot with a dozen fish on the average.
YELLOWFIN TUNA: There was little change in the Yellowfin report this week. Almost all the fish were found between 15 and 30 miles out, from due south to the west side of the San Jaime bank. While many of the fish were footballs, there were some schools with fish crashing the surface at 40-50 pounds and a few fish much larger were taken on live bait soaked at 100 feet around the schools. You could not soak bait for long on many of the schools, as they were moving pretty fast. Almost all these fish were associated with Dolphin, and the better schools also had Frigate Bird piles on them. Dark colored lures worked at time as did white-silver-blue and of course, live bait.
DORADO: While the Dorado bite continues to be poor, there are still some fish out there as I found out on Thursday with a pair of fish at 30 and 45 pounds. First fish was on a lure and the larger male ate a live bait dropped back after the hook-up. There was about one flag for every ten boats this week.
WAHOO: There were Wahoo caught this week and the ones I heard of came from the 95 spot. They were nice fish at an average of 50 pounds and quite a few lures were lost in that area.
INSHORE: The big swells on the Pacific side have kept many of the Pangas from fishing close in but the ones that have done it are reporting a slow increase in the Sierra bite as well as a slow increase in the number of Yellowtail showing up. With the calm conditions on the Pacific side I have seen Pangas as far as 25 miles off shore.
NOTES: Striped Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna are going to be the holiday fish as they are the closest things we have to a sure bet this week. This week’s music selection is from one of my favorite guitarists, the amazing flamenco artist Ottmar Liebert with his 1990 Higher Octave collection of Christmas music, “Poets and Angels”. Check him out on-line and sit back and relax. Until next week, Tight lines!

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