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Cabo Bite Report, Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report
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George Landrum
Posted: Jan 16 2006, 02:29 PM


Captain George Landrum
[email protected]
Cabo Fish Report
Jan 9-15, 2006

WEATHER: After a sunny start we ended the week under a cloud layer, as a fairly large system is moving across us. Our highs have been in the low 80’s to high 70’s while the nighttime lows have been in the low 60’s to high 50’s. The winds have been light but it looks as if the beginning of this week we might have a couple of days of heavy winds in the 25-35 mile per hour range.
WATER: With the cloud cover this week it was difficult to get any good satellite shots so most of what I have in the way of temperatures is reports from other captains and just an occasional glimpse of different areas via satellite. The basics from last week have not changes with the area immediately to the south and directly to the east and west being warm, mostly in the 76-78 degree range. On the Cortez side to the north of Punta Gorda the temperature drops off rapidly and the water becomes very green. On the Pacific side the warm water has crept up the coast so we are getting the 74-75 degree water out past the Golden Gate Bank. This week the surface conditions were good everywhere, it may turn a bit choppy and rough at the beginning of this coming week.
BAIT: There was a mix of Mackerel and Caballito available this week at the normal $2 per bait. Sometimes Sardinas were available from Pangas up at Palmilla at the normal $20 per scoop.
BILLFISH: A few boats reported very hard strikes from giant fish this week and by most signifiers there are some very large Marlin still out there. One guy got spooled on a fully filled Penn #80 set at #27 of strike. Very few large fish were reported landed; most of them were lost during the fight. I was told of several releases of Blue Marlin in the #500-#600 range. Most of the Billfish action this week took place on the Pacific side from the lighthouse to the Golden Gate area. The Golden Gate is again holding large amounts of bait and there are plenty of Striped Marlin there with most boats able to release two or three per day. The same situation was happening off of the Los Arcos area and at the lighthouse, just not quite the numbers of fish. There were scattered Stripers found up the Cortez side, but not much action reported north of the Punta Gorda area.
YELLOWFIN TUNA: I thought that the Tuna bite was going to continue all month but it took a bit of a drop this past week. I wonder if all the Purse Seiners we have seen out there have anything to do with it? Most of the fish caught have been footballs to 20 pounds with an occasional 35-pound fish in the mix. I did not hear of any larger fish being taken but I am sure there were a few. Most of the Tuna action took place between the 95 Spot and the San Jaime Bank. Best lures were feathers in dark colors and natural cedar plugs.
DORADO: The warm water to the south of us has held some nice Dorado and almost every boat that went out this week was able to hook into one or two. On Thursday a few boats did even better as a dead whale was found about 10 miles from port at 120 degrees. The first boat to find the whale reported a total of 42 Dorado ranging from 20 to 35 pounds. Another boat found a plastic 5 gallon bucket and picked over 30 fish before other boats spotted him and moved in. While these were abnormalities, there were plenty of scattered Dorado to 45 pounds found from just off the beach to 10 miles out. Live bait was the best bet, slow trolled along current lines or along drop-offs. Second best was trolling 6”-9” lures in bright colors at 8-9 knots in the same area until a fish hit, then dropping back a live bait.
WAHOO: Right at the full moon (the 14th) there was some good Wahoo action reported from the inner Gorda Bank, the Grey Rock drop-off, the 95 Spot and the lighthouse. Most of the fish were in the 35-45 pound class and the best lure was a Yo-Zuri Bonita or Braid Marauder in black or purple. Strikes were had on other lures but most often they were rigged with mono leaders, and that meant lots of lost lures and fish.
INSHORE: Sierra action has continued with most of the fish being in the 4-6 pound class and an occasional fish to 10 pounds. Surprisingly there was some fair Roosterfish to be found on the Pacific side up around the Los Arcos area as well. While most of the Roosters were in that small 5-8 pound category, there were fish caught that ran to 45 pounds, with quite a few in the 25-35 pound class as well. Boats working the rocky points at first light were able to score on some Yellowtail with the fish ranging from 12 pounds to 32 pounds. The bigger fish were fooled with live bait and the rest fell for slow trolled (5 knots) Rapallas or for iron being yo-yoed with the best colors for iron being scrambled egg.
NOTES: The year started off well for me with a new job as the Captain on a 58’ Viking. As soon as we get out of the yard I hope to see how it fishes! My wife Mary chose this week’s music so the report was written to the sound of the Beach Boys on the 1999 CEMA release ”The Beach Boys All Time Greatest Hits”. Until next week, Tight Lines!

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