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Cabo Bite Report, Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report
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Capt George
Posted: Feb 13 2006, 12:27 PM


Captain George Landrum
[email protected]
Cabo Fish Report
Feb. 6-12, 2006

WEATHER: Once again we had a great week of good weather. Our daytime highs were around 80 degrees all week while our nighttime lows were right at 60 degrees. Clear skies and sunny conditions made it a great week to be here.
WATER: The warmer water this week was on the Pacific side but the mass had moved back off shore. At the end of the previous week the water was 73 degrees all the way to the beach on the Pacific. As the week moved on this warm water started to move back to the west, and at the end of the week it had cooled a bit to 72 degrees and moved out to the west of the San Jaime Bank. To our immediate south the water was a very cool 65 degrees and pea soup green as well. This is a plume of water about 20 miles wide starting 8 miles off the arch and extending 30 miles to the south. On the Cortez side of the cape the water started to clear up a bit with water to 68 degrees moving in to the Cabrillo Seamount, Gordo Banks, the 1150 Spot and the 95 Spot.
BAIT: Bait was a little scarce this week and unless you were one of the first boats out, you might have had a bit of trouble getting any. Most of what was available was Caballito at the usual $2 per bait. A lot of boats tried to make their own bait on the grounds, but where there had been good concentrations of Mackerel at the Golden Gate, the bait had disappeared.
BILLFISH: It was a frustrating week for anglers targeting Billfish, as there were few to be found until the end of the week. The concentrations of Striped Marlin that had been at the Golden Gate Banks totally disappeared and there were only a few fish found scattered across the banks on the Pacific side. As the water blued up on the Cortez side the Striped Marlin started to show at the 95 Spot at the end of the week. One to three fish per boat seemed to be the average and the best luck was had on live bait thrown to tailing fish. While there were fish every day, the bite seemed to be on-off with every day producing different results.
YELLOWFIN TUNA: Not the fish of the week. There were footballs in the 10 pound class outside of the San Jaime banks and 30 miles to the south of the Cape. These fish were associated with Porpoise and they moved right on through, not staying long enough to be able to find them the next day. That was just about the extent of the Tuna action for us this week, though there were some nice fish seen popping occasionally at the San Jaime Bank. A few guys are going to try and sit on the hook and chunk for them this week, I’ll let you know the results next week.
DORADO: This week is a repeat of last week. There were a few Dorado found this week and it was floating debris that helped the boats find fish. I saw one boat come in with one rigger loaded with Tuna flags and the other rigger loaded with Dorado flags and found out from the anglers that they had found a piece of wood 26 miles to the southwest loaded with Dorado to 20 pounds and football Yellowfin. Another boat found a plastic bucket that was loaded with nice Dorado and a couple of Wahoo. Everyone was keeping their eyes open for anything floating in the water!
WAHOO: There were only a few Wahoo reported this week and they were associated with the floating debris mentioned above.
INSHORE: Large swells on the Pacific side made it difficult to get in close to the rocks to fish for the Pargo concentrations and while frustrating for most fishermen, it is probable a good thing for the fish. These springtime concentrations are spawning groups and it makes me worry for our local population in future years when so many fish are taken. There was still a fair bite for Sierra and on the Cortez side there was some luck with Yellowtail and scattered rockfish for guys using live bait on the bottom.
NOTES: Another slow week overall, but it looks as if things might begin to improve soon on the billfish front. Everything else is a crapshoot right now. This weeks report was written to the music of Mark Knopfler on his 2004 Universal/Mercury release “Shangri-La”

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