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Cabo Bite Report, Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report
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George Landrum
Posted: Feb 20 2006, 02:39 PM


Captain George Landrum
[email protected]
Cabo Fish Report
Feb. 13-19, 2006

WEATHER: Well, at least I am able to tell you that the weather is still great here in Cabo, even if the fishing is off. We had an average daytime temperature of 79 degrees with our evenings dropping down to the mid 60’s, really nice conditions. A few clouds moved into the area over the weekend but not enough of them to put a damper on any activities.
WATER: The Pacific side stayed just as it had last week and the only thing that changed at all was the Cortez side of the Cape. The warmer water this week was on the Pacific side but the mass had moved back off shore. At the end of the previous week the water was 73 degrees all the way to the beach on the Pacific. As the week moved on this warm water started to move back to the west, and at the end of the week it had cooled a bit to 72 degrees and moved out to the west of the San Jaime Bank. To our immediate south the water was a very cool 65 degrees and pea soup green as well. This is a plume of water about 20 miles wide starting 8 miles off the arch and extending 30 miles to the south. On the Cortez side of the cape the water started to clear up a bit with water to 74 degrees running in a band from the Gorda Banks to the south-southwest.
BAIT: Same as last week, bait was a little scarce this week and unless you were one of the first boats out, you might have had a bit of trouble getting any. Most of what was available was Caballito at the usual $2 per bait. A lot of boats tried to make their own bait on the grounds, but where there had been good concentrations of Mackerel at the Golden Gate, the bait had disappeared.
BILLFISH: At the end of last week it had appeared that a concentration of Striped Marlin had moved in on top of the 95 spot but that bite only lasted two days. There are still Marlin being seen in that direction but they are hard to fool into biting. The marlin bite is off, I would guess that only 10% of the boats are returning flying the blue flags. A few boats are lucky and getting multiple shots, but the most flags I saw from any one outrigger this week was two. The best bet for Striped Marlin has been along the eastern boundary of the warm water on the Pacific side of the Cape and along the new warm water band on the Cortez side.
YELLOWFIN TUNA: There were plenty of Porpoise out there and there were a few Yellowfin mixed in with them, but the bite was very sporadic. Most of the fish were found in the same areas as the Striped Marlin and while a few fish did break the 50-pound mark, most of them were footballs. As far as the flags flying in the marina, most of the white tuna flags were for Skipjack and Bonita.
DORADO: Very few Dorado this week, a few of the boats were flying two flags, but very few had any at all. Floating debris resulted in one boat loading up, but no one else got into the action.
WAHOO: No Wahoo this week. The flags flying were for Sierra.
INSHORE: The Pargo bite came back on for the Pacific side of the Cape right after the full moon; they are hammering this spawning group pretty hard. On the Cortez side there has been a decent Sierra bite outside the El Tulle area.
NOTES: Hmm, seems like a good time to take a vacation and go snow ski! My boat is in dry dock until the end of the week and it is not bothering me at all. We can only keep our fingers crossed that the Marlin and Yellowfin start biting, they are our main catch this time of year. This week report was written to the blues music of Joe Cocker on the 1996 Sony release “Organic”. Until next week, tight lines!

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