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Cabo Bite Report, Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report
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Capt George
Posted: Sep 4 2006, 06:48 PM


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Captain George Landrum
[email protected]
Cabo Fish Report
August 28-Sept.3, 2006

WEATHER: Talk of the week was of Hurricane John. At the start of the week it was just a tropical depression to the southeast of Acapulco and almost everyone, including me, thought that it would follow the normal track to the west-northwest if it developed into anything. Thinking that was what was going to happen I booked tickets to California to get a car to drive back. To my dismay John developed into a tropical storm then a hurricane and came right at us. Kristen, out to the west, kept John from moving to the west. Uh-oh, I quickly booked tickets back on the first flight out on Thursday and arrived about 2 pm Thursday afternoon. No rain yet, just a few dark cloud bands. When the attendants went through the plane before we left Phoenix Airport and explained the Cabo was expected to get a direct hit from a hurricane, we were an hour late leaving as the manifest had to be radically changed and a lot of luggage unloaded! We came in with only about 20 people on the plane, but there had to be about 300 waiting to leave! Thank goodness we were not trying to get out. After going directly to the marina to secure the boat it was time to head for home and take care of the heavy stuff my wife could not do. I have to say that after having been through at leas 3 category 5 hurricanes, I am always happy when we only get a little rain and wind. Hurricane John kept moving off to the east and we only received the weak side, with winds to 35 knots and maybe 2” of rain over Saturday and Sunday. The East Cape took a direct hit and I lost contact with a few friends up there and I hope they are all right. Our cell phone system is busy and as of Sunday morning we cannot get on line or phone anyone, probably because a relay tower or two in the northern part of the state has been damaged.
WATER: It was decent water early in the week with swells on the Pacific side at 2-4 feet and the water was blue and warm at 84 degrees. On the Sea of Cortez side there were almost no swells and only light winds with blue water at 86 degrees. The clouds started moving in on Wednesday, not thick, but enough to give us partly cloudy skies and they kept the surface temperatures down a bit. Thursday the swells started to pick up and of course the port was closed on Friday and Saturday. The port re-opened on Sunday and a few boats that still had clients went out. A few of them returned with seasick passengers but most of them stayed out, the swells were up a bit but there was no chop on top of them.
BAIT: Caballito early in the week with the usual price of $2 per bait, some Sardinas up at Palmilla at $20 a scoop. At the end of the week on Sunday there were two bait boats out there selling bait, they were Caballito held over in their tanks through the storm, but they weren’t trying to gouge, only asking the usual $2 per bait.
BILLFISH: This whole section is going to be a bit difficult for me as I was only here for Monday and Sunday. There were Striped Marlin reported every day as well as some Blue Marlin, but the numbers of both had dropped off a bit. The Striped Marlin were reported close to shore near home and the Blue Marlin were reported to be out past the 95 Spot, just like last week.
YELLOWFIN TUNA: Scattered football fish were caught on the Pacific side amongst Porpoise and there was a good bite on Yellowfin to 25 pounds with an occasional larger fish to 100 pounds reported early in the week a the Gorda Banks. I am writing the report on Sunday and will upgrade it if I find that anyone has found fish today. Almost all the above action at the Gorda was on Sardines and chunk bait.
DORADO: Exactly the same as last week. Slow trolling strip baits was the way to go if you wanted Dorado this week. A good trip could result in 45 to 50 pounds of fillets. Most of the fish were between 12 and 20 pounds and they were found close to shore with the most effort being expended on the Pacific side. These fish like the rougher water and with the swells churning up the beach there were a lot of rip currents and debris lines to attract their attention. Lures also garnered a few fish but best results were had with the first fish kept behind the boat and chunks or strip baits drifted behind the first caught fish.
INSHORE: Like they say in jersey, fagitaboutit! Storm swells made inshore fishing almost impossible on the Pacific and there were enough Dorado just offshore that the Pangas focused their attention there.
NOTES: As I said above, I am writing this on Sunday and am not sure if we will get internet back or not before Monday. If the boats that went out today did any good I will try and update this report before it is posted. Cabo got off lucky with Hurricane John, a bit of wind and rain but little damage. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we are as lucky the rest of the month!

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