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Mosquito Lagoon
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Posted: Sep 10 2006, 09:05 PM


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The fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon is still good. On one trip with three people this week we caught 9 redfish on one trip and three were oversized (over 27 inches), they also landed 16 keeper trout and one was five pounds. Have you ever noticed when you're out fishing and everything is quiet, your hook is baited and your line is out; you're watching your line for small movements for what seems like 5 minutes at a time and nothing happens. But the minute you look away, bam! a fish strikes. Sometimes it seems like the fish are all down there under the water watching us watch them and telling each other when we're not looking so they can try to grab the bait without being caught.

The trout have slowed down some, but the bite is still good. The water has come up some. It had been pretty low and had high concentrations of salinity for a few weeks Most of the flats were dry and the fish had dropped off in the deeper water. But now the water is up high enough that the fish have scattered back over the flats, but if you find the schools of bait fish you will usually catch some good fish.

As for the rest of the fish...

The reds have mostly been mixed in with the trout. There has been a good bite of large bull reds in the Haulover Canal. There have also been some nice trout caught in the canal with the redfish. A pretty good mix of Mango snapper have been brought in from the canal as well.

Some good schools of jacks have been feeding on finger mullet in the lagoon, mostly around five pounders have been landed. There are still some nice tarpon scattered around the lagoon.

And some black drum have been landed off the power plants in Port St. John. A lot of the drum are too small to keep, but the ones you can keep are up to 30 pounds each. You can bait them up with shrimp or crabs.

Good Fishing To Everyone
Captain Neal Goodrich
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