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Jacksonville, Florida
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Captain Jim Hammond
Posted: Sep 14 2006, 05:29 AM


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Gonna Be A Pretty Good Fall

Get you tackle ready and get ready for a great fall if it is going to be like the
past few weeks. I always look for ward to the first cool spell of each year as it
brings cooler water temperatures and a turned on bite. It is neat how this change in
seasons brings out the best in Northeast Florida fisheries. As the mullet start
making their way to the ocean and the TOP WATER bite takes off, how can you not be

For me this is the best time of the year as I cannot imagine any better fishing than
working your MirrOlure top water lure down the bank with the anticipation of a
monster red or trout inhaling it.
I am getting chill bumps just writing about this so you can only imagine the feeling
of watching your lure walk back and forth, clicking and sloshing on the surface
waiting for that monster crash. So many of you that only fish live bait cannot
fathom the effort that us top water folks put into this type of fishing. But if you
give it a try and manage to get a few strikes, you will understand the thrill of top
water fishing.

I can remember several years back, I had a guy on the boat that had never done top
water and had no confidence in his ability to catch these monster fish he had only
heard tales of catching.

I took him to a spot that has miles of shoreline that is a productive spots for this
kind of action. I gave him a little lesson on how to cast and retrieve the lure of
choice for this day, a MirrOlure TOP PUP, black back with white bottom.

Now keep in mind, he had never tried this and had no confidence in his ability to
get a strike working a top water bait. The first thirty minutes were frustrating
but he did get the hang of it and he had the lure walking and talking to the fish.
Then all of the sudden it was like a toilet flushing and he was hooked up. I still
remember the look on his face when he turned to me and said, xxxxxx, I've got one.
The next couple of minutes was probably the best time he ever had as the fish ran
and screamed line from the reel. As he angled the fish closer to the boat the more
he got excited. He had hooked his first top water red fish and was hootin and
hollerin to beat the band. When the fish came to the boat, I scooped it up in the
net and I thought he was going to explode with excitement. He jumped from the front
deck and grabbed the fish with no concern for the sharp hooks dangling from the
lure. He brought that fish up to his chest and hollered "Take My Picture". He was a
grown man and acted like a kid on Christmas morning with a new toy. This is just one
of many people that have learned of the excitement form TOP WATER fishing.

Nat Stahl with his first top water red

Here are some key points about top water fishing.
Fish areas that have finger mullet moving down the shoreline.
Stay as far away from the area you are fishing as you can.
When moving to a new area turn off your big motor and use your trolling motor to get
close to the area.
Cast your bait as close to the waters edge as you can (right up against the shore
Be as quiet as you can. Boat noise will scare the fish you are after.
Make your lure work as it was intended. If it is a walk the dog lure, then make it
When you get a strike, DO NOT set the hook until the rod is doubled over.
If the fish is striking around the lure but not getting hooked up, STOP the retrieve
for a few seconds. Or you can twitch the lure without moving it towards the boat.

If you follow this advise and you are holding your mouth right, you will catch fish.

The flounder bite has been pretty good and should get better this month. Try a lead
head jig with a mud minnow worked around dock, bridges and rock piles. If you want a
little added help, take a chartreuse grub and cut off 3/4" of it and slide it on the
jig before you put on your minnow. This will help the fish see the bait better.
Chartreuse is a good color for the stained water we have here.

Trout will continue to hold around the bridges and docks and can be caught using
heavy jig heads with a Sea Striker Trout Killer fished just off of the bottom or the
conventional float rig with a shrimp. If you are using a jig head and Trout Killer,
I like the Chartreuse color and work it just off of the bottom with a twitch
movement so it looks like a wounded bait bouncing on the bottom.

The offshore bottom bite should turn on this month with nice catches of sea bass,
snapper, grouper, beeliners and amberjacks.

Jeffery Domino with help from the mate with a jack that wore him out.

Jeff Domino with a stout 2 plus pound Beeliner

Remember Moms and Dads, take your kids fishing and you will not be looking for them
Friday and Saturday night as they will be home in bed waiting to go the next day. I
MEAN THIS, it will make a positive difference in their lives.

Capt Jim's Fun Fishing Inc.
17184 Dorado Cir
Jacksonville, Fl 32226
904 757 7550
[email protected]
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