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Posted: Jul 15 2005, 06:36 AM


Thursday7-14-05: Left out of South Harbour Marina this morning with Chris Hunt, Ricky Dukes, John Willis, Dale Houser, and Tim Lail, the Maintenance X-Crew from PPG Ind. in Shelby, NC. we started at the South 40 where we marked a lot of fish and was hooked up with a big fish for a while but it made a charge and broke the line. Well, at this time we were looking and getting reports from back on shore of some severe thunder storms heading NE off of Bald Head Island. We also had one to the south of us,well what to do??? OK, I told everyone, if we try to go back in, we will drive head on into the one off Bald Head. That didn't make good judgement too me for it could turn and we were in a position to go in any direction to avoid it where we were. I just sat and watched a little before making any calls. The one to our South was going East, didn't have to worry about that one, The one from Bald Head was turning more ENE so we ran out to the tower where we were able to avoid all the storms all day and had a good day of fishing. I think the falling Baromectric pressure from all the storms had the fish in a slight non active mode, but we pulled it off anyway. Tim Lail said he wanted a BIG fish that fights HARD. Tim, be careful what you wish for from now on!! Just ask him what I mean!!! the barracuda's were feeding but most of those toothy creatures would crash our baits and promptly cut the line. As we were trolling around, I marked a school of bottom fish, the trolling bite was slow so we went to the bottom. They caught some of the biggest grey snappers I have seen in a while. Didn't get the kings and dolphin we wanted but got a cooler full of fillets for the freezor!! Enjoyed it Guy's, we had to dodge a few storms but we caught fish and no one got wet !!! Check out pic's on my site. Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt. Butch, Capt. Chris, and Bodie"the fish dog" say's HI!! YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, Southport, NC. (910) 845-2004. www.yeahrightcharters.com

Wednesday, 7-13-05: This morning we picked up Dave Germain and Jeff Adams from the local Wal-Mart and Dale Westall, a local Tatoo Artist for a day of grouper fishing. Well as mother nature would have her way today. We were greeted with a strong SW wind. So that meant we couldn't get offshore out of Southport, in fact, you didn't even want to be on the beach at Southport this morning. There were 4 to 5 foot seas on the beach. So, with Bald Head Island blocking a SW wind, we took off up the river to Snows Cut and went out of Carolina Beach. There we found a calm and tranquil beach with plenty of bait like glass minnows on the surf. OK, this means the Spanish Mackeral should be feeding here, WRONG!!! NO-BODY was catching any Spanish. Just an occasional one here and there. We even got our occasional one also. Allright, time to go to plan B. Cruised on offshore a little,(you can't go out too far or you will lose the blocking effect of Bald Head), to an artificial reef. Here we marked a lot of fish and bait. We put the baits out and it wasn't long before a king mackeral wanted to join us in the boat. We put the lines back out, and this time it was Dave's turn at the reel. I made a few passes when all of a sudden it looked and sounded like someone dropped a Volkswagon in on top of his pogy. At that point on it WAS ON!!!! they went toe to toe for nearly an hour before it was revealed that Dave had hooked up with a NC Citation sized Jack Crevalle. If you have never hooked one of these brutes, you can't imagine the power they have, don't believe me, just ask Dave in the sporting goods Dept. at the Southport, Wal-Mart. Well, next it was Jeff's turn, we think he had one on for a little bit, but we will never know, his pulled the hooks. Well after that, we started dodging Thunder Storms the rest of the day, picking up a few fish here and there before we would have to leave to miss another storm. Dave, Jeff, and Dale, as always, it was a pleasure, we had a tough day with all the storms around, but as always, you guys caught them again!!!Check out pic's on my site. Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt. Butch, Capt. Chris, and Bodie"the fish dog". YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, Southport,NC. (910) 845-2004. www.yeahrightcharters.com
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