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Early March Fishing
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Capt. Rick Bennett
Posted: Mar 9 2003, 07:38 AM


Hi Folks,
I have just recently finished the last boat show of the winter. I enjoyed meeting a lot of new faces as well as seeing some smiles from some old friends. Now it's time for some fishing.
The beginning of spring has finally arrived. And with it rising water temperatures and fish activity. We still aren't quite ready for getting all-over suntans, but it's getting better everyday. Yesterday, we went out and filled the cooler with spiny dogfish, very good fighters on light tackle and very good to eat.
We started out in Bradley Creek. The tide was flooding and we had no luck there. We then tried one spot in the waterway...same results. So with light winds and calm sees we headed out to the 5 mile box cars. We began drifting with carolina rigs and cut bait (mullet), and on the first cast caught a nice 3 pound spiny. The action was steady for nearly 3 hours with an occasional black sea bass thrown in for good measure. We must have caught 15 or more spiny dogfish, keeping 10 for the table.
We headed back in and tried the jetty for a bit on the falling tide, but nothing was biting there today. It was a beautiful day on the water, and a cooler of fish is always a great day.
Anyone interested in catching Atlantic Bonito, great fun and great eating too, I have about 6 dates still open in April. A half day of fishing for 2 anglers is only $190. Also, my special for May is a half day spanish mackerel fishing for up to 3 anglers, only $275. Don't miss the action.

Overall Report:

Inshore: On warm days some drum, red and black, can be caught at the inlets and docks along the creeks and waterway. This activity will improve rapidly as the water warms over the next few days.

Nearshore: Spiny dogfish, black sea bass, and other bottom fish can be caught on cut bait, shrimp and squid. Look for bluefish to show up any day and the bonito will be right behind them.

Offshore: King mackerel are being caught in the 35-50 mile areas.

Gulfstream: Plenty of wahoo and blackfin tuna are being caught on pretty days. The spring yellowfin tuna run should start any day now.

Good Fishing,
Capt. Rick Bennett
Rod-Man Charters

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