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August - Jacksonville to Amelia Island Florida, Report - Article
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Posted: Aug 1 2006, 12:16 PM


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Capt. Dave Sipler's Sport Fishing - Jacksonville, St. Johns River/Inlet & near-coastal waters to Amelia Island Florida. Updated: 8/2/06

Summer is more than half over...

The other day I was thinking about Feb. 4th of 2005. You know when that was? It was 2 days before the Super Bowl, held here in J-ville, Florida. For 3 months prior, my phone rang till the battery died almost everyday. And I was receiving at least 10 e-mails a day inquiring about charters.

Yeah, that was supposed to be 'our big time'. Even fishing guides were going to the bank, for all the business we were supposed to get, so said the Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau. But I knew better.

No one thought about what this fisherman knew all along......"THE WEATHER". February in Jacksonville is the mother of all months!

Out of probably 400 e-mails, and 1000 hours of phone calls I booked one trip on Feb. 4th with Sal Pepitone Sr. & Jr. from Long Island N.Y., and then later another boat for the same day with his hosts from FedEx. None of those phone calls and emails wanted to commit. For some reason people were apprehensive, and unsure if they really wanted to fish or sleep off their hang-over's instead. Pre-booking a charter for before or after the game was like pulling teeth. Except for Sal & Sal Jr. who were die-hard N.Y. anglers.

I left the dock that morning at 7:00am. The temperature was a balmy 28 degree's, with a howling gale force N.E. wind. And a water temp of 55 degree's. I was clothed in every foul weather, winter attire I owned. But Sal Sr. & Jr. were ready to go. And we caught a whopping 6- small and frozen Speckled Trout that whole day, just 200 yards from where we left because the river was heinously nasty, and the wind chill was burning our faces and the ride was wet.

That's an example of the most extreme. And although summer is more than half way over, it's about this time every year I look forward to a change. I don't mean a change like I just described, but a change temperature wise, and fishing wise.

People ask me almost every trip, doesn't matter what month it is. "What's the best time of year to fish here", as if they think this day isn't good enough for them.

And I always say, "my favorite time of year is November through Mothers day." I usually get a confused look from them. Because they do not know about our 3-seasons here in N.E. Florida. Which is; TOO HOT, VERY COMFORTABLE & TOO COLD. They just think Florida is always HOT. I also respond, "I like a sweatshirt with shorts, weather".

And just about every August, I can't wait for "Sweatshirts and shorts weather". To me it means, better fishing. But let me define the word "better", as I see it.

Changing climate - transitions - cooler water temps - bait migration - more Trout - better jetty fishing - less busy weekends - no fishing tournaments. (the arrival of my new boat, this year.)

But, just around the corner comes something more consistent. The Big spawning Redfish, in the river and at the inlets.

And in about one more month, this will be one of our target species along with Speckled Trout fishing. September is one of those transition times. And the big Redfish spawn marks the beginning of Fall. We might not be in sweatshirts, during the early morning run to the spot just yet, but it's around the corner. And I can't wait. Summer is long, and right about now I'm longing for a change.

With the building of my new boat, will come a feeling of rejuvenation, also. "A new romance" ya' might say. And it's been in the planning stages for over two years. So, this ought to be one hell of a fall season for me!

I hope you'll plan on visiting me in Jacksonville. So we can pursue a whopper and some Specks, together.

Check my NEWS page on my web site for updates and photos of my new ride if you're interested in learning more about Plate Alloy boats from Pacific and Blacklab Marine.

Till next tide,

Capt. Dave Sipler's Sport Fishing


904-642-9546- (8am-8pm EST)


To really get the "meat and potatoes" of what's going on, visit my Daily Reports Forum: http://captdaves.8.forumer.com/ here is where you can track each days catches, conditions and editorials. Or just click on: "DAILY REPORTS" on my Web Site.


If you would like my fishing report emailed to you on a monthly basis email me and I'll put you on the list.

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