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Kona Hawaii fishing report, Nov. wrap-up
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Capt. Jeff Rogers
  Posted: Nov 27 2004, 05:42 PM


Kona Hawaii fishing report Ė Nov. wrap-up.

The mahi mahi bite is still going strong with baby blue marlin pulling in close as the number two bite while out on the open troll. Some bigger marlin are around too but not many. The striped marlin season is close so they should be showing up soon. Along the ledges thereís plenty of bait and some otaru running around. Iíve been live baiting the ledges a lot lately and trying to stay away from the many many many barracuda that have also been cruising the tops of the ledges. Theyíre notorious bait choppers and are very good at not taking the hook. Theyíve even been coming out and nailing me in the deep sometimes. Barracuda are not a common fish here in Kona and I donít know what brought them here but as long as thereís ample food for Ďem, I guess theyíll be staying. Another pest for the live bait bite has been bottlenose dolphin. Theyíre also very good at stealing bait and not getting the hook but I did manage to hook one of Ďem recently. Those things sure can pull! Luckily, by giving it some slack line it was able to shake the hook and I didnít have to deal with it at the boat. Iíve been catching mahi mahi with the live bait too and hoping for some marlin but no luck lately. My last catch (and release) on live bait was a surprise. A Galapagos shark of about 200 lbs. At first I thought I had a marlin on. How disappointing

The bottom bite hasnít changed much since last months report. Kind of slow but still producing some kind of a catch. Mostly amberjack, almaco jack, shark and snapper.

I got new toys to play with! As if three boats werenít enough, Iím adding another one to my line-up. Itís a Stamas 310 center console. You can see the review at http://www.offshoremag.net/reviews/stamas_...pon1/index.html
Twin Yanmar inboards and a bow thruster! Iíve got it all geared up now and will be taking it out this Tuesday for the shake down run. Iíll be offering this boat for EXTREAM SPORTFISHING! No fighting chair on this boat, itís big game stand-up for experienced anglers only. The main tackle is new Penn 50 VSW two speeds (4 of Ďem) on Diawa rods loaded with 1000 yards of 100 lb. test. 750 yards of braided line topped with 250 yards of mono. These new Penn 50ís seem like they can handle the load but if not, the drags are easily modified and beefed up. Iíve been using beefed up Penn 30ís loaded with 100 lb. braid on all my boats for many years. Iíve never found that the tackle was too weak for any fish Iíve hooked up, my biggest being a tiger shark at about 1000 lbs. The problem has always been weak anglers. Iím hoping the Penn 50 two speeds will make it easier on Ďem. I hate anglers that whine

See `ya on the water,
Capt. Jeff Rogers ,
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