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Kona Hawaii fishing report, Oct. wrap-up
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Capt. Jeff Rogers
Posted: Oct 28 2005, 03:38 PM


Kona Hawaii fishing report Ė October í05 wrap-up.

Mommy always said ďIf you donít have anything good to say then donít say anything at all.Ē This is where this report should end butÖ.. I never did do everything my mommy told me. October was one of the worst fishing months ever. The sea conditions werenít bad, the supply of baitfish has been pretty good although theyíre not biting too readily. Itís just been a tough month to find anything bigger than bait fish out there. The marlin bite should still be pretty good this time of year but itís not. The striped marlin should be coming in soon and there were a couple of Ďem caught recently so weíre waiting to see how that season will pan out. We did see a little flurry of spearfish the first week of October but none after that. A few ono here and there but nothing consistent. The mahi mahi bite is supposed to be happening now and though there are a few being caught, itís a pretty poor showing for this time of year. The only bite that has been going on with some consistency is a yellowfin tuna bite in a porpoise school down by C buoy. Thereís a bunch of boats working that school daily so itís pretty crowded but there are a few 100+ pounders being pulled up every day.

The bottom bite has been off too. A strong North current has made things difficult along with the bait fish being hard to get. Iíve been using frozen opelu as backup bait but a live mackerel or skipjack just canít be beat. The current slowed down yesterday and it even looked like itís trying to switch South. That gave me an opportunity to fish an area that I havenít fished in a while. I got a 40 lb. amberjack and a 350 lb. shark out of the deal. Just to make mommy happy, hereís something good to say. After a month like this, it can only get better from here.

See `ya on the water,
Capt. Jeff Rogers ,
Kona Hawaii fishing

ps. This is one funny fishing video: http://www.chilloutzone.de/files/05071105.html
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