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Kona Hawaii fishing report, - July wrap-up -
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Capt. Jeff Rogers
Posted: Jul 29 2004, 09:29 PM


Kona Hawaii fishing report – July 29, `04

The marlin bite is pretty good but really scattered. There doesn’t seem to be any particular area that ther`re concentrating in. The fishing grounds to the North have lots of bait size aku and otaru but there`s also been a gang of about 8 bait-stealing bottlenose dolphin (stenos) hanging around and keeping that area limited to trolling only. This same area is the best grounds for bottom fishing and the bottom bite has been good if you can get a bait down. The bottlenose generally don`t go down deep after a meal. With the abundance of bait fish along the ledge, dropping bait has attracted a lot more than your typical trevally, amberjack and almaco jack. Yellowfin tuna have been nailing my baits along with some deep-water ono. There`s also been a fair amount of shark activity in the area.

Yellowfin tuna are also doing they’re typical summertime “blind strikes”. Just trolling around, no particular area or bird/bait activity going on and when the reel goes off, it could just as easily be a yellowfin tuna bite as it could be a marlin. Even more yellowfin have been pulled out of a porpoise school that`s been hanging around far to the South of the harbor. We use the term “porpoise school” to avoid confusion with the term “dolphin fish” but the animals that the tuna are swimming with really aren`t porpoise at all. They`re spotted dolphin (kiko). They won`t steal your bait like the bottlenose will and they put on a great aerial show for the tourists with leaps and spins that just seem to defy gravity.

Just a few more fish to add to the bite list. Spearfish and an occasional mahi mahi in the deep. Shibi on the FAD`s and koa`s. Ono lane is producing some fish but you either need to put in your time or just get lucky to score there.

See `ya on the water,
Capt. Jeff Rogers ,
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